11. “On the First day of Christmas….

…as I cleaned my new love’s kitchen,
the ping of an email did chime…

…I picked up my phone and I watched as it delivered,
a message from my DSN…

…Greetings young Niki I hope this finds you well? I’ve something for your festive diary…

…On the fifth day of Christmas the NHS will give to you……….
* An early start
* Some anxiety
* Raised BeeeeeGeeeeeee‘s
4 hours of learning, some maths and percentages……and a Medtronic 640g!!!”


That’s right folks, after months of observations, data collating, a change of Diabetes team and probably a metric tonne of insulin; the wait is over, I start Insulin Pump Therapy on Monday 5th December.
I only found out this morning, I’m nervous and I’m excited.

Someone asked me why I pursued this treatment and if it meant that it would mean I’d have to do less. Well first up, I didn’t pursue this because I thought it would mean “less work” with my Diabetes, I went into this pursuing the best treatment for my Diabetes; which turns out to be an insulin pump due to overnight hypos with no awareness, fear of exercise (due to having hypos) and the much maligned Dawn Phenomenon (collectively referred to by a friend as; “Niki’s weird brand of D”). It all meant my #LibreArt would often resemble steps, mountain ranges, rollercoasters or the lines on the monitors you see in Casualty…. All of which means I do not feel well on an almost daily basis, yet I foolishly accepted this as my fate.

I’ve felt overwhelmed a couple of times today, but my spectacular boyfriend has reassured me, my best friend has reminded me of my desire to live well with Diabetes after 15 years of not really doing so (despite what I thought – sneaky Diabetes), and the fact that, unlike when I first began this journey with the advice and guidance of Melissa from Input; I am not alone anymore, makes me appreciate the timing for everything in life –  I do suspect Anna and some of my other exquisite Angels have played a part in that.

As I catch a ridiculously early train into London on Monday morning, Matt will be by my side despite having to work a night shift on Monday, because he wants to learn about my Diabetes, he wants to support me and care for me when I need it. I’ve not had someone walk so steadfastly by my side with this before. I in no way dismiss the support of my exquisite humans – Bestie Sarah in particular, but this feels different, Sarah rarely holds my hand unless we’re pretending to be young girls skipping with carefree joy!


The Boyf…. (?)

It’s literally been “all change” as far as my life with Diabetes is concerned this year, and it’s all brought me to this place…..

I wouldn’t know about the GBDOC or DOC without Diabetes.
I wouldn’t know about the excellent work of Input, Diabetes UK, Team BG, Ocdem or Imperial without Diabetes.
I wouldn’t have made some treasured friends – with and without diabetes, without Diabetes.
I wouldn’t have discovered a love for peer support that I’d like to turn into a career without Diabetes.
I wouldn’t have learned that I can live well with Diabetes, without Diabetes.
I literally wouldn’t have met Matt, without Diabetes!!


Silly Ridiculously Smiley People…

I’ll aim to post more about my pump journey as I go on, I’m sure I’ll be asking for advice and needing the wisdom and support of my amazing friends from the Diabetes Community.

Now……to name it or not to name it????




Images copyright Discombobulated Diabetic & courtesy of Google Images

5 thoughts on “11. “On the First day of Christmas….

  1. Melissa says:

    Hello! First time reading your blog, had to have a read of this as I am also type 1 diabetic. I’m trying to bring my HBA1C down as my husband and I would like to start trying for a family soon. I wondered if the pump might be better rather than injections, but not really sure! I’ll be reading your blog to see how you get along 🙂 Hope it all goes well for you!

    Melissa x



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