They say “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” or “life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”, having spent 30 or so years rolling my eyes at these clichés, I found out that rolling your eyes can be a barrier to connecting with yourself, leaving you feeling discombobulated. Embracing all those clichés that would get thrown my way, and a sense of adventure I didn’t know I had (plus a cheeky desire to prove them and the people who reminded me of them wrong); I stepped gingerly over my barriers and haven’t looked back since. Don’t get too excited, I’m afraid I cannot offer you tales of tea and toast with Paddington’s relatives in deepest, darkest Peru or skydiving into an Olympic stadium attached to James Bond, but I can promise that I hope to inspire the desertion of some barriers to living the life you hope for, just as I did.

I’ll also share with you the literal and metaphorical highs and lows of life with Type 1 Diabetes, continuing to work on my Mental Health and learning to love my body image with my body positivity journey. Hopefully, I will also amuse you as I navigate the remainder of my first pregnancy, motherhood and planning a wedding all at the same time.

Just as with life, I hope this blog will continue to evolve with each post and interaction with you, my readers.