12. On the Second Day of Christmas….

….I had a little panic…
…I will have an Insulin Pump by the time my little sister celebrates her time of birth on Monday 5th December 2016 (this isn’t a “thing” by the way. Because she was born at 11pm or thereabouts, we do let her have the whole day). It seems to have happened so quickly, which unlike my sister’s 34th  *ahem* 21st birthday, has been unexpected, but equally worthy of celebration.

I don’t think I slept much on Thursday night, controlled by a feeling of “there’s not enough time to do everything”; questions running through my head at such volume and speed it was too hard to slow the thoughts enough to write them all down. For some bizarre reason, (possibly sleep deprived in motivation), I kept telling Matt I felt like I needed a “Last Hurrah”…….how daft is that! Instead we had a lovely breakfast, cooking for this wonderful man has meant my eating has been less disordered when I’ve been with him – just need to get some consistency to it now. We also took Ruby for a lovely wintery walk, watching her overshoot the ball landing and roll repeatedly was especially fun when piles of golden leaves were involved. We laughed and chatted, surprisingly not really about the pump start; I needed that distraction.


The Boyf then headed off on his annual Xmas tour to Bournemouth, and my mind headed off on some kind of Pump related vision quest around Ikea…where would I store my pump supplies? My medicine drawer wouldn’t be big enough, I don’t have a spare cupboard…..and on it went until I considered turning my cloakroom into a private pharmacy. At this point I should have gone to sleep but I chose to ask my Diabuddies in the GBDoc where they store theirs. This helped me to calm down a little and realise that I don’t need to build an illegal extension to my flat, besides I could do with a clear out, I’ve far too many lancets….



Later on in the day I collected my prescriptions from the local sorting office; which I’d ordered for the first time via pharmacy2u, the inconvenience of making a minimum of 3 trips to fill my regular medications had become infuriating to say the least. I did so thinking I wouldn’t need half of it, which wasn’t the case a few days ago when I placed the order. I specifically wondered about the Tresiba. I’d need to keep pen cartridges and needles handy, still carrying them with me everywhere I go incase of pump failures, kinked cannulas or running out of insulin. In those situations, surely it would be more sensible to use Levermir or Lantus if I needed to inject a basal in the future? I instantly thought of those who don’t have the access to insulin that I do, so once Monday’s activities are complete, I will be looking up how to donate some of my supplies. If anyone knows or has suggestions, please get in touch with me.

On top of all of that somewhat irrational concern given the bigger picture, I had some pre pump start questions for my DSN. It’s great to be able to email her and know that she’ll reply within a couple of days, if not the same day. My query was about reducing my basal dose prior to Monday. As mentioned above I take Tresiba which is a flat background insulin, with a profile of 36 – 48 hours, Lantus is 24 hours and Levermir is a 12 hour profile. Once I start pump therapy, I will only take 1 type of insulin which will serve as both basal and bolus. If I have too much insulin in my system when I begin IPT, I could end up having hypos; hence the need to reduce my basal. So as standard, I was initially told to reduce my evening background injection by 50% on the Sunday night and omit it completely on Monday morning. This only applies for Levermir (which is spilt and taken 12 hours apart) or Lantus (which can also be split), I suspected I would need to begin reducing the Tresiba on Friday at least but wanted to confirm with my DSN. The reply came and I was grateful for her honesty and reassurance;


I also asked the online PWD community, and as ever, they reminded me why I shouldn’t panic about the switch to Insulin Pump Therapy. I have my DSN on email and outside of “office hours”, I have thousands of years of experience, knowledge and expertise at my disposal.

….I’m less panicky now.


Images copyright Discombobulated Diabetic & courtesy of Google Images

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