25. Dear Tea….

Hello Dear Friend,

I am so sorry it has been so long since last we shared some quality time together, perhaps with some buttery toast or a delicious sandwich; even the occasional biscuit. I feel awful that the last few times we’ve had an opportunity to meet I’ve turned my nose up at you or rushed to the toilets for fear of being sick. I want to reassure you, old pal, that it is the fault of Moomin and not me. You see my unborn child is a little young to appreciate the joy, comfort, and flavour you can bring to life and has, perhaps in his or her (extreme) youthful naivety felt competition for my affections between you both. Of course, I’ve tried to set the record straight, my bubba seems to be quite strongminded though and whilst Moomin is lodging within me, I have had to find alternatives. Rest assured I will be teaching my little love monkey to embrace tea, (although maybe not literally, hot liquids and a newborn don’t sound like a good partnership).

Now I know I just mentioned alternitives and I need to be clear that these are not and never could be; replacements, fizzy water, lemon squash and I have always been close – you’re aware of that so they’ve very kindly stepped in and helped to hydrate me at times when it of course would have been you. I have had the heavy burden of needing to find a way to satisfy my need for a nice warm beveridge though and I turned to fruity tea for this. None of this has replaced you, at every sip I’ve longed for the robust, smooth yet somehow delicate balance of flavour a well made cup of tea provides and longed to be reunited with it.

Some women miss the foods they can’t eat during pregnancy, and there have been a few of those – see you soon medium rare steak, pate, brie and cambembert (although the latter two have been eaten in a panini or baked with a nice fresh french stick, who doesn’t love a loophole) – and of course you miss alcohol! I got engaged and still havent celebrated with bubbles or a cup of tea, what cruel world is this I live in? But I’ve done it, I’m amost there and a lovely cup of tea feels like it’s within my grasp. Soon I will begin a countdown like a child in the run up to Christmas and I will savour that first cup of tea the way my Dad savours unwrapping presents that are clearly bottles of wine, sweets or biscuits, (he takes ages by the way).

Ashamedly my darling cuppa, I’m not sure if I’m more excited at the prospect of our reunion or meeting my baby for the first time….. Please don’t be offended that it’s more likely that the baby will win. I hope Moomin will allow me at least one, nice, hot cup of tea a day. I am prepared to drink you cold though – just until we’re fully caught up on the last 9 months….by which time I’m sure I’ll have a routine of tea drinking that will be more settled than that of my newborn.

Sip you soon.




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