23. What’s Niki up to now?

Hellooo and welcome to the new look blog. 

I’ve felt for some time that I needed a new name, Discombobulated Diabetic hasn’t felt like me for a while now (let’s blame Matt). I felt I needed a moniker that would focus on the incredible future that lays ahead of me without dismissing the past that has brought me here. 

I’m excited to share the rest of my pregnancy journey, including how I’m navigating through it with Type 1 Diabetes along for the ride, with you all. As I move from Mum-to-be to Mumma with babe in arms, I’ll no doubt find comfort, friendship and reassurance from all you other wonderful parents out there and just to make it even more interesting (read potentially hilarious); as I get used to motherhood, I’ll throw in some wedding planning to amuse myself and you with.

There’s lots to come and I really hope you enjoy reading about it, please have a look over the updated homepage and do get in touch with your questions and comments and let me know if there’s something you’d like me to write about. I’d love to hear from you.

Niki x



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